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Here's the latest plans for hashing in Tirol 2023 and beyond

Run 38, Sat. 11 Feb. 2024 **this takes place the first Sunday of Gay Sailor's week-long 10-17 Feb ski week**
Winter Ski Hash in St. Anton in Tirol
More info to come.
To express interest for Gay Sailors Ski / Hash week, fill in the form at this link: 

The web site will be duly updated.

See you on trail.

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Past Runs - see below

Past Runs

Run 37,  16 Dec. 2023, Innsbruck Glühwein / Christmas Markets Hash
Hares Baggy Snatch and Half Monty laid a cold and wet trail to Hungerberg and back to town, lots of visitors and virgin TH3 hashers!

Run 36, 29 July 2023, Summer Kufstein Hash
A combination of highs and lows on this beautiful trail in and above Kufstein with Bird Brian and Half Monty haring

Run 35, 28 Jan 2023 Winter Hash
Half Monty haring a ski trail at the Schlick 2000 resort in Stubaital

Run 34, 3 Dec. 2022 Christmas Markets Hash in Innsbruck, with hare Baggy Snatch and Just Chloe taking us to the new Bergisel market and back to the the center of Innsbruck for some more Gluhwein 

CANCELLED 19 Sept. 2020, this year's r*n at the 39th annual Knödelfest in St. Johann in Tirol was cancelled due to Corona, booooo!  Planning to be back again next year for some beer, Knödel, and dancing on the tables

Run 33, 25 April 2020, This run was done virtually via Zoom, starting in Hall in Tirol, ending at the annual Radish Fest (yes, vegetables are a reason to raise a beer and party too!).  Using google maps, zoom, and following the hare's instructions, the pack started in Hall in Tirol, up the mountains to the source of the Isar in the Karwendel, and back down again to the Hall in Tirol Radish festival (using images from last year's fest).

Run 32, 18 Jan. 2020, SKI Hash at the Schlick 2000 in Stubaital, with ski trail hared by Half Monty

Run 31, 7 Dec. 2019, Christmas Markets Hash in Seefeld, with hare Brokeback Mountme taking us to the mountains and back to Seefeld for the Gluhwein stops

Run 30, 21 Sept 2019, Joint Tirol H3 and Munich H3 (run 749) Trail ! A to B run, Innsbruck to Hall in Tirol, ending at the Medieval festival, with hare Baggy Snatch

Run 29, 18-20 Jan 2019, SKI WEEKEND, Accomodation: Juifenau, Gries in Sellrain, Ski hash in Kuhtai, Hare ________

Run 28, 24 Nov 2018 Innsbruck Christmas Markets Hash Hilly trail, hash views, Glühwein and On After thanks to hare Not in this Cult

Run 27, 22 Sept 2018 Knödelfest Hash Lots of up & down the mountains with Baggy Snatch haring followed by the legendary Knödelfest

Run 26, Aug 4 2018 Tirol Summer Hash, a fantastic mountain trail from Bird Brian with drink stop at the mountain hut at the summit

Run 25, 19-21 Jan. 2018 Ski Weekend Innsbruck nightlife with fantastic skiing at nearby Axamer Lizum and trail hared by Is It In

Run 24, Christmas Markets Hash 9 Dec 2017, Innsbruck city and hills hash trail hared by Bird Brian followed by glühwein and fun

Run 23, Ersatzsommerspaßhash 28 Oct 2017 in beautiful Kufstein with hare Bird Brian followed by the best Schnitzel place in town

Run 22, Ski Weekend Hash 20-22 Jan 2017 - Sölden/Ötztal with hare Is it in?

Run 21, Christmas Markets Hash 26 Nov 2016 - head to our favourite Xmas markets after lovely trail by Not in this Cult

Run 20, Summer mountain Hash 6 Aug 2016 Summer lakes, mountains and castles hash in beautiful Reutte in Tirol.  Hare: BirdBrian, what a weekend!

Run 19, 22-24 January 2016 Ski weekend 22-24 Jan, Sölden

Run 18, Saturday 28 November 2015 Innsbruck Christmas Markets R*n, Hare: Birdbrian.  Virgin trail, virgin gluhwein stop, awesome hash!

Run 17, Saturday 19 September 2015 St. Johan in Tirol Knoedelfest, hare: Likkmmm. Virgin territory, visitors from Dallas, what an after party!

Run 16, 23-25 Jan 2015 - Ski weekend 23-25 Jan, Zillertal

Run 15, Saturday 29 November 2014 - Innsbruck Christmas markets run on 29th Nov, Innsbruck

Run 14, 20 Sept. 2014 - St. Johann in Tirol for the Knödelfest with hare Baggy Snatch

Run 13, 25-27 January 2014 - Ski weekend in Wildkogel with Loose Nutz haring

Run 12, 16 Nov. 2013 - Christmas Markets opening day has in Innsbruck, Baggy Snatch haring

Run 11, 8 Sept. 2013 - Knödelfest in Stertzing, Sudtirol, with hare Baggy Snatch

Run 10, 13 July 2013 - GHN post lube in Seefeld, hare Half Monty

Run 9, 4 May 2013 - Great haring in the town of Bad Haring, with Half Monty and Baggy Snatch as hares

Run 8, 3 March 2013 - Special Ski hash day in Seefeld, with Baggy Snatch as hare

Run 7, 25-27 Jan. 2013 - Hash Ski Weekend in the Sellrain Valley, with Cosmo as hare

Run 6, 1 Dec. 2012 - Glühwein galore for the Innsbruck Christmas market hash with Half Monty haring

Run 5, 23 Sept. 2012 - St. Johann in Tirol annual Knödelfest hash, with local hasher CIAC haring

Run 4, 16 June 2012 - Kitzbühel hash with Half Monty haring

Run 3, 21 April 2012 - St. Johann in Tirol, with local hashers Hey Babe and CIAC haring

Run 2, 27-29 Jan. 2012 - Ski Weekend in Fulpmes, Stubai Valley, joint hash with Munich H3, Cosmo as hare

Run 1, 17th Dec. 2011 - Inaugural TH3 run, Christmas Markets run in Innsbruck, Half Monty as hare

Run 0, 3 Aug. 2011 - Pre-inaugural run, pre-lube to DRIFTERS Small Country Tour, Half Monty and Baggy Snatch haring